Hubub on Hubway

The cleverly named Hubway allows Bostonians and tourists alike to rent bikes from over sixty self-service stations throughout the city.  Whether you’re a seasoned biker or a curious beginner, you can rent bikes from the Hubway for a fee that adjusts based on usage time.

Boston is one of the most recent U.S. cities to adopt a bike share program.  The bikeshare trend is relatively new in the United States, but the trend has proven its promise and potential in Europe. 

Riding a bike is significantly different than riding a train or bus, yet the Hubway is still a form of public transportation.  The Hubway promotes physical activity and is good for personal health.  Additionally, it’s a convenient way to help the environment by limiting one’s use of pollutant transportation.  However, the system isn’t perfect.  Can Boston handle 600 inexperienced bikers on its streets?  How will avid city bikers react to the newly populated bike lanes?

How does the city decide where to put stations?  Hubway bikes are covered in advertisements.  According to Boston law, advertisements are not allowed in city parks.  Will the unavailability of Hubway stations in parks become a problem?

Bike-share in Boston is still a new idea.  So far, it seems to be working well enough.  Two months isn’t nearly enough time to prove success, though.  Boston is relatively new to the bike scene.  In 2006, Boston was names one of the unfriendliest biking cities by Bicycling Magazine.  In 2008, Boston was named a “future best city” by the same publication.  The city is steadily improving and the Hubway proves Boston’s commitment to pedaling in the right direction.


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