Hubway’s Milestone

The New Balance Hubway is expanding beyond Boston, through Cambridge and into Somerville.  The relatively new bikeshare system, active since July, will launch in Somerville next spring

Between the student population and spike in Somerville cyclists, the Hubway should be a perfect fit. 

The announcement of the Hubway’s expansion is cause for celebration, it proves the popularity and demand for bikeshare in Boston and the surrounding areas.

Although Boston’s bikeshare isn’t as old as Capital Bikeshare, nor can it boast the same impressive numbers, the system just logged its 100,000th ride this past weekendThat’s an impressive number of rides considering the system is roughly four months old.  The Hubway also enjoyed zero major accidents and zero thefts since its debut, that definitely calls for a celebration. 

Additionally, Boston continues to build its biking resume by adding more bike lanes and “sharrows,” or shared-lane arrows, to the city streets.  The city is successfully improving its image as a bike friendly city.  Since 2008, ridership in the city has doubled.  Boston went from being one of the worst ranked biking cities to a “future best city” according to Bicycling Magazine.  The increase in cycling is making Bostonians healthier, too.  Boston was recently named the third healthiest city in America behind Minneapolis and Washington D.C. – cities that also have prominent bikeshare programs.  If the city continues expanding the Hubway and painting sharrows, perhaps it’s only a matter of time until Boston is number one.  


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