Capital Bikeshare Grows


Capital Bikeshare in Washington D.C. is increasing its prices and expanding into surrounding areas. The popular bikeshare system greatly exceeded its expectations in the first year of operation. Existing rumors of expansion were confirmed last week when Alexandria’s city council approved plans for CaBi in Alexandria.

Reports of expansion were quickly followed by pricing increases. Usage of Capital Bikeshare indicated the average, casual-member used the bikeshare system for three days rather than the five-day period the membership allows. Therefore, the five-day pass is being discontinued in favor of a three-day pass. Additionally, a 24-hour rental will cost $7, a $2 increase from the current price. These changes will take effect November 3rd. 

Rides under thirty minutes are still free for members, but overage fees also increased. The lowest overage fee, which applies to rides between thirty and sixty minutes is $2; the fees range from $2 to $94 depending on how long a rider has the bike. If a rider fails to return a bike within twenty-four hours, it is considered stolen and the renter will be charged $1,000.

The price increases may be an inconvenience for casual riders, but monthly and yearly members won’t see any changes in their service. Increasing the rental prices will increase profits and help  expansion of Capital Bikeshare in Alexandria, Rockville, D.C., Arlington and possibly into Bethesda.


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