Recruiting Bikers

Bringing riders — and more importantly customers — to bikeshare has been a major focus for The Hubway. The bikeshare system has established itself as a viable means of transportation in Boston. Although  its popularity has been proven, increasing ridership and participation will help the system grow for the future.

The Hubway gave away a free membership for the 1,000th person to register as a member. This weekend, the Hubway is giving away a free membership to the winner of a Halloween-themed photo-contest.

Yesterday, at Wentworth’s Sustainability Day, students were given fifty percent discounts on Hubway memberships. Similar student discount days have taken place at Boston University and Harvard University. Any students with a valid I.D. may claim the discount, regardless of university affiliation.

Hubway has done its fair share of recruiting. Incentivizing bikeshare helps sway individuals already considering the Hubway. However, biking enthusiasts argue there must be more reasons for biking then simple convenience.

How do people choose their method of transportation? Is it money, time, convenience, attitude or something entirely different?

Here are two great posts that will hopefully motivate you to bike more; or at least, motivate you to consider the impact of transportation:

Commuter’s ChoiceThe incentives of biking and how to maintain the routine.

Biking Actions 7 different ways to motivate yourself to bike more!


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