GM Attacks Cycling

  1. Advertisements attacked cycling and public transportation.

    General Motors wants college students to stop pedaling and start driving; after all, reality sucks. The automotive giant launched an advertising campaign in October that portrayed biking and public transportation as less-than-favorable ways of getting around.Unfortunately for GM, and fortunately for the biking community, the advertising genius responsible for the plan also thought it would be smart to put the ads in college newspapers. Brilliant.

  2. The campaign went viral for all the wrong reasons. The biking community immediately fought back. Giant Bicycles had this clever response that seemed to echo the feelings of many bikers. Selling cars is their job, but they’re doing it wrong. The ads don’t even make sense (see here). General Motors accidentally created a David and Goliath-like conflict. In case you’re not well-versed in biblical studies, GM is Goliath and — SPOILER ALERT — Goliath dies.

  3. Not surprisingly, the company suddenly loves bikes. GM pulled the anti-biking ads and then took to Twitter for embarrassing apologies.

  1. You probably shouldn’t piss off Lance Armstrong. You’re not going to like him when he’s angry.
  2. @marcosainz @lancearmstrong Wanted to let you know we have been listening to the community and decided to pull the ad from our rotation.
    October 12, 2011 2:57:40 PM EDT
  3. What it’s worth? Not much. 
  4. @fonixmunkee We hate to hear that. For what it is worth, we are sorry and we decided to pull the ads last week.
    October 17, 2011 11:06:25 AM EDT

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