Hubway Asks Riders for Winter Help

The Hubway will begin shutting down for the season Monday, November 21st; and the popular bikeshare system is counting on a little help from its friends. The goal is to have 600 bikes from 60 stations completely off the streets by December 1st.

With a lot of work to do in nine days, they’re asking people to ride Hubway bikes to City Hall Plaza between 3 and 7 p.m this Monday. This is the first round of bike removal for the season. Riders may take bikes from any station in the city, which will simplify the bike collection process later. 

While not all bikers will be stowing away for the winter, the Hubway is pulling it’s bikes off the streets for the winter months. They plan to relaunch on March 1st of next year. Plenty of cycling enthusiasts continue to bike through brutal, winter weather, but the casual commuter probably prefers an indoor option. For this reason and safety concerns, the Hubway is shutting down.

By calling on the community to participate, the Hubway is strengthening it’s relationship with riders and including them in the process of making Boston more bike friendly. It also makes their job easier. To thank riders, the Hubway is giving away free pie, that’s right – FREE PIE! Unfortunately, there is only enough pie for the first 50 riders; but the “Hubway Pie Ride” begins at three o’clock, so plan your trip accordingly. Of course, if you don’t make it in time, you can still enjoy a nice ride, Dunkin Donuts, Boloco and a high-five from the staff.


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