Hubway Stations You Should Know About

For the most part, Hubway stations maintain a balance of available bikes and empty docking stations where riders may park their rented bikes. By tracking real-time data, operators know which stations are full and which are empty. If capacity becomes an issue, a Hubway van is dispatched to either load more bikes  or take some away to open up docks.

However, the Hubway hasn’t perfected this balancing act. I’ve mapped a few “popular” stations that had a disproportionate number of bikes and empty docks. The Hubway hasn’t been clear on specific station usage, so I gathered this data myself. Al of these stations have uneven numbers, but the ratio can’t definitely indicate the usage of a station. A high number of bikes and low number of docks suggests that a station is a popular destination or an infrequently used starting point, or possibly a combination of the two. Similarly, having a high number of empty docks and low number of bikes could mean that a station is a popular launching point or an unpopular destination.

Either way, check out the map to know which stations are a little out of balance. The data collected reflects the average station availability on Wednesday, November 16th from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.


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