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Now Closed, Hubway Plans 2012 Expansion

Pie-rider Nik Patalano gets his reward for returning a bike. (Photo by Brogan Graham @Hubway)

Biking enthusiasts don’t stop for the winter season, but the Hubway does. The bikeshare system officially shut down on December 1st. The season ended with a celebratory “Pie Ride” that encouraged riders to return Hubway bikes to City Hall Plaza in exchange for a delicious pie.

With over 140,000 trips in it’s first season, the Hubway already plans to add 300 new bikes to its fleet of 600. The bikeshare program will reopen in the spring of 2012 and branch into Cambridge, Brookline and Somerville.

Listen to the Hubub’s radio story for more details:


Hubway Asks Riders for Winter Help

The Hubway will begin shutting down for the season Monday, November 21st; and the popular bikeshare system is counting on a little help from its friends. The goal is to have 600 bikes from 60 stations completely off the streets by December 1st. Continue reading

Hubway Stations You Should Know About

For the most part, Hubway stations maintain a balance of available bikes and empty docking stations where riders may park their rented bikes. By tracking real-time data, operators know which stations are full and which are empty. If capacity becomes an issue, a Hubway van is dispatched to either load more bikes  or take some away to open up docks. Continue reading

Improving and Expanding Bikeshare in Maryland

  1. Governor O'Malley joined bikers for a ride on the new trail. (Photo courtesy of

    Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley launched Cycle Maryland in 2011 to promote cycling in the state. Last week, the Governor opened a part of the Anacostia River Trail, which could eventually connect D.C. and Maryland. Continue reading

GM Attacks Cycling

  1. Advertisements attacked cycling and public transportation.

    General Motors wants college students to stop pedaling and start driving; after all, reality sucks. The automotive giant launched an advertising campaign in October that portrayed biking and public transportation as less-than-favorable ways of getting around. Continue reading

Helmet Laws and Bikeshare

  1. Little protection is better than none at all...or is it?

    Many Bostonians have enthusiastically embraced the Hubway bikeshare system. Others are hesitant or resistant to join for various reasons. State law doesn’t require adults to wear helmets on bicycles, but the Hubway does.Groups like Helmet Freedom are trying to relax helmet laws everywhere. Continue reading

Recruiting Bikers

Bringing riders — and more importantly customers — to bikeshare has been a major focus for The Hubway. The bikeshare system has established itself as a viable means of transportation in Boston. Although  its popularity has been proven, increasing ridership and participation will help the system grow for the future.

Continue reading