Recruiting Bikers

Bringing riders — and more importantly customers — to bikeshare has been a major focus for The Hubway. The bikeshare system has established itself as a viable means of transportation in Boston. Although  its popularity has been proven, increasing ridership and participation will help the system grow for the future.

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Capital Bikeshare Grows


Capital Bikeshare in Washington D.C. is increasing its prices and expanding into surrounding areas. The popular bikeshare system greatly exceeded its expectations in the first year of operation. Existing rumors of expansion were confirmed last week when Alexandria’s city council approved plans for CaBi in Alexandria.

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Busy Bike Weeks in Boston

October seems to be an eventful month for bikers in Boston.  The Hubub missed the Boston Bike Film Festival this past weekend, but we’ve got you covered for the rest of the month.  Continue reading

Hubway’s Milestone

The New Balance Hubway is expanding beyond Boston, through Cambridge and into Somerville.  The relatively new bikeshare system, active since July, will launch in Somerville next spring

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Advertising on Bike Share

Bikeshare is driven pedaled by cycling enthusiasts and eco-friendly travelersThe docking and payment stations for a bikeshare system are installed and operated by companies like Alta and Bixi; but cities are responsible for writing up contracts and implementing their individual bikeshare plans.  Every plan is unique to the needs of a specific city.  The basic idea behind bikeshare is the same everywhere; but details like station numbers, pricing options and docking locations often differ.  One of these seemingly minor details that is surprisingly significant in every city is advertising.


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Seeing Red

Affectionately called CaBi in Washington D.C., Capital Bikeshare celebrated its first birthday September 20th.  The occasion also coincided with the system’s millionth rider.  What a gift!  Capital Bikeshare enjoyed a successful first year and soon the city will see more red bicycles as they strive to meet demand and  branch the bikeshare system to surrounding areas.  There are already stations nearby in Arlington, VA; but the majority of stations exist within D.C. Continue reading

Bike Free Boston?

Massachusetts recently made an effort to rid the state of cars.  I don’t know how successful it was, but Governor Deval Patrick reportedly had trouble following the plan.  Car-free week is just a fraction of the World Car Free Network’s effort to “take the heat off the planet, and put it on city planners and politicians to give priority to cycling, walking and public transport, instead of to the automobile.”

As Boston rolls out the bike-share system, which suggests a move away from cars, one critic is fighting for the other side.  In July, Boston Globe columnist Brian McGrory suggested the city ought to make Boston bike-free.

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